“Staggering” Growth of Christianity in Iran


Millions of people in Iran are turning away from Shia Islam and turning to Jesus Christ, according to an Iranian church worker.

The image Iran presents to the world is one of large demonstrations with shouts of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

But those who have seen Iran from the inside paint a very different picture.

The church worker, who can’t be named for security, has told CBN News the protests you see on the streets are mostly contrived.

He says young people are told if they don’t protest they won’t pass their studies.

Dalton Thomas director of Frontiers Alliance International says, “What the Lord is doing [in Iran] is “staggering”. It’s the fastest growing church in the world.

The Church in Iran owns no buildings, has no bank accounts, and has no centralized leadership.

source: vision.org.au

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