Persecution of Iranian Christians worsened in 2016


Iran where Iranian Christian prisoners are detained

Iranian Christians report that the persecution that they endure worsened in 2016, Christian charity Barnabas Aid says.

In 2016, there was a steep rise in organised, government-sponsored anti-Christian campaigns on Iranian radio and television, as well as cases of deliberate defamation of well-known Iranian Christians, seemingly intended to portray them as morally and financially corrupt.

Barnabas Aid says that there was also a crackdown on Persian (Farsi) speaking (Muslim-background) congregations. Dozens of such house churches were closed, and their members harassed, imprisoned and interrogated.


Prayer request

Lift up to the Lord our Christian brothers and sisters in Iran, especially those who are converts from Islam.

Ask that God will watch over and protect the dozens of church leaders and other believers who have been imprisoned for their faith and face the prospect of torture and long periods in prison without recourse to proper justice.

Give thanks that the Church in Iran is growing despite every effort by authorities to stop the spread of the Gospel.


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