Iran has executed Ruhollah Zam, a dissident accused of inspiring nationwide protests in 2017 through his high-profile Telegram channel, according to state-controlled media.

Mr Zam, 47, had been living in exile in France until 2019 when the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claims it lured him back to the country and arrested him.

The IRGC also seized control of his popular anti-government Telegram channel, which at its peak had roughly 1.4 million subscribers exchanging stories and opinions in opposition to the country’s clerical regime.

He had been sentenced to death back in June after being convicted of “corruption on Earth”, a charge often used in Iran in cases which involve espionage or threats to overthrow the Iranian government.

France criticised his sentence as “a serious blow to freedom of expression and press freedom in Iran”.Advertisement

Mr Zam’s popular Telegram channel and website were used to spread information about the protests in 2017, including their timings and location, as well as to share embarrassing information about officials within the country’s regime.

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